LEADERS ON LEADERSHIP: The How-to of High Performing Executive Teams, by Moira van den Akker

Texas CEO articleHot off the press! Texas CEO Magazine just released their latest issue featuring Business Through Better Chemistry: How to Create, Maintain, & Lead High-Performance Executive Teams an Executive Roundtable sponsored by The Refinery. The article highlights critical components, challenges, and downfalls of executive teams with expert insight from senior leaders, including our CEO, Dr. Mark Frein.

Sitting in on the live roundtable discussion, I had the opportunity to observe the ebb and flow of the conversation – noting how each participant contributed honestly, openly and without hesitation about their personal experiences working on teams. There was a clear vibrancy in the room when asked to reflect on their best team experiences; collectively agreeing that high-performing teams are exhilarating, energizing, committed and alive with passion. Along with their willingness to speak genuinely on the good, the bad, and the ugly of team performance, I noted a few key themes from the roundtable:

• Trust and accountability are key to supercharged leadership teams.
• Top performing teams must have purpose and passion.
• Teams are built and tested during times of crisis.
• High-performance is on-going, something teams will forever be working towards.

Additionally, the hot topic of Creative Abrasion evoked a lot of attention during and post discussion. The need to foster a safe environment to challenge each other for the purpose of creativity and team success is crucial to innovative, high-performance teams.

The conversation concluded with a final thought from Mark Frein about courage and confidence to know when teams might not be the answer, “Sometimes courage to make a decision counter to the team is important”. How do good leaders know what defines the right time to be courageous and make the call on their own? Even if this means going against the grain and opposing the team in the best interest for all – how do you draw the line?

Click here to read the full article feature in Texas CEO Magazine.

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